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  • FarmaKeio® Superior Custom Compounding is committed to compliance with state and federal laws. We are aware that some patients reside in states differing from their prescriber. To ensure that all prescriptions received by FarmaKeio® are pursuant to a valid patient/doctor relationship, we require that the prescriber agrees that the following elements are met prior to sending us a prescription.

    Prior to ordering, prescriber agrees to do the following:

    1. In person and/or using live video conferencing equipment, prescriber will perform a documented patient evaluation, including history and physical examination, adequate to establish a diagnosis of patient’s conditionf or which any drug is prescribed. If the patient cannot travel to your office then you agree to supervise an exam given by a nurse or other professional and base your decision to prescribe the needed medications based on the results and the facts (symptoms, blood pressure, etc.) that have been verified by a qualified third party and observed by you electronically.
    2. In person and/or using live video conferencing equipment, prescriber will maintain sufficient dialogue with patient regarding treatment options and the risks and benefits of treatment for patient’s condition.
    3. Prescriber agrees to create a follow up care plan for patient.
    4. Prescriber acknowledges and agrees not to prescribe a prescription to a patient based solely on an Internet/online questionnaire, consultation, phone call or email.
    5. Prescriber will maintain contemporaneous medical records.
    6. Prescriber will obtain either verbal or written informed consent from patient prior to delivery of service.

    Prescriber agrees that all prescriptions sent to FarmaKeio® Superior Custom Compounding have met the criteria above, or are in full compliance with state and federal laws regarding a valid patient/doctor relationship.

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